[IBK] CVT has been chosen as IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea) Incubating Companies

Actualizado: 4 de jul de 2019

CVT has been chosen as IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea) Incubating Companies

In 1st, October, 2018, there was an opening of 'IBK Chang-gong Guro 1st member' at the IBK(Industrial Bank of Korea) Guro-dong branch. IBK Chang-gong is a program that supports investment, consulting, and market development to tenant companies to foster innovation · start-up companies.

Out of 306 companies, 20 companies came through 15.3 to one competition and were finally selected as IBK incubating companies, which are in the field of Information ans Communications/Electronics/Cultural Content, etc.

At this opening, CVT, whose main items are 'Smart Home IoT Face Reader' and 'Walk-thru Face Recognition', was selected as one of IBK Incubating Companies.

CVT, IBK 기업은행 보육기업으로 선정

지난 10월 1일, IBK 기업은행 구로동 지점에서 'IBK 창공(創工) 구로 1기' 개소식이 있었습니다.

IBK창공은 혁신 · 창업기업 육성을 위해 입주기업에게 투융자, 컨설팅, 판로개척을 지원하는 프로그램입니다.

306개 기업 중 정보통신/전기전자/문화콘텐츠 등의 분야에서 15.3대1의 경쟁률을 뚫고 20개 기업이 최종 선발되었습니다.

당일 행사에서, CVT는 '스마트홈 IoT 얼굴인증기' 및 'Walk-thru 얼굴인식'을 주요 아이템으로 정보통신분야에서 IBK 기업은행 보육기업으로 선정되었습니다.

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