[Lotte Accel Demo Day] CVT in Lotte Demoday

27th, June, 2019

Lotte Accelerator held the fifth L-CAMP demonstration day at Lotte Cinema World Tower Hall in Jamsil, Seoul on Wednesday. A total of 11 teams, including the fifth-term team that needs follow-up investment, took the stage on the same day.

CVT provides face recognition solutions applicable to home and company access control systems. Currently, face recognition solutions are narrow in recognition range, do not recognize multiple people, and are difficult to use in private dwellings because of high prices. CVT solves these three problems through wide-angle technology, embedded-deep-learning and image-processing-deep-learning technology. CVT's solution can recognize faces in a wide range and recognize faces within 0.3 seconds even at night. CVT is planning to target housing spaces and offices as the primary targets and will expand the face recognition system's application to future car and financial payments.





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